Psychopath Behavior in Emelie Film by Richard Raymond Harry Herbeck

Kornelia, Lista (2021) Psychopath Behavior in Emelie Film by Richard Raymond Harry Herbeck. Other thesis, Universitas Wijaya Putra.

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This study discusses about Psychopathic Behavior in the Emelie film by Richard Raymond Harry Herbeck. Psychopathy is a social act that attracts, manipulates. Of the various types of literary works that show symptoms of psychopathic behavior, the writer takes in particular the 2015 film Emelie. This film tells the story of a rented nanny who turns out to have psychopathic tendencies. When Dan picks up Ana as a babysitter, Emelie pretends to be Ana. However, over time, Emelie began to exhibit strange behavior, such as turning off the internet and opening the safe. Emelie also asks Jacob to kill Sally's hamster by feeding Jacob's pet python. Even crazier, Emelie invites Sally and Christopher to watch a tape video together. After that, Emelie abuses Maggie as an actual babysitter. When Maggie visits Dan's house to see the condition of the children, Emelie immediately commits acts of violence against Maggie. This study aims to explain the types and effects of psychopaths in everyday life. The research data is taken from the Emelie Film and its script. Data were Analise using psychopathy theory. The author uses two theories to answer the formulation of the problem, the first is the theory of H. Verstappen from Stefan, about the common types of psychopaths, the second is the theory of Hare Robert, about the effect of psychopath behavior. The results show that first, there are four general types of psychopaths; victim, artist, evil psychopath, professional psychopath. Second, there are four effects of the main character's psychopathic behavior, namely not respecting each other, not being afraid of his behavior, not having a sense of responsibility and not regretting after killing. Based on the effects of the actions taken by Emelie, it turns out that Emelie is a psychopath. Emelie is actually not Ana as a nanny for the children, but she only pretends to be Ana. However, children already know it, when children see ID cards from Emelie in her bag, it turns out that Emelie lied to the children, where she only pretended to be Ana's real babysitter. At that time, Jacob, as the eldest child, immediately took revenge against Emelie. namely killing Emelie, by shooting her, until Emelie died. From the analysis, it was found that there were 4 types of psychopaths, namely Emelie. First type of psychopath is the victim, when Dan picks up a new nanny for her child named Ana, Emelie pretends to be Ana. Second type of psychopath is the artist, Emelie grabs the attention of Dan and Joyce and their children, in a manner that is well behaved, caring, and friendly. Third type of psychopath is Malevolent psychopath, when Emelie kills Maggie. And the last type of psychopath is a professional psychopath, Emelie took her father's gun and used it to kill the children. The researcher found 4 effects of psychopathic behavior; first, disrespect for children, Emelie deliberately turning off the internet and opening the safe. Second, not being afraid of her behavior, Emelie asks Jacob to kill Hamster Sally by eating him into Jacob's pet python. Third, they do not have a sense of responsibility, namely Emelie invites Sally and Christopher to watch the sex tape video together. Fourth, there are no regrets after killing, namely when Emelie killed Maggie by banging Maggie's head into the car to death.

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